Donald Millar Architecture

The process of creating Architecture is ordered and defined by Work Stages. An Architects Appointment by a client is agreed and recorded using Standard Conditions. At all times there is a legal framework of documentation which is published by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. Contracts are administered using Standard Forms agreed throughout all sectors of the construction industry and client bodies. These Contract documents establish the role and responsibilities within the building project. Scope of work, value of the works, payment method and Programme are recorded prior to the start of the project on site.

Planning Consent and Building Warrants and all necessary approvals and Certification will be sought by DM using detailed information developed for a project. Where specialist services are required this will be sought for inclusion in the Plan of Work. Construction is inspected on site and reviews of progress and payment for work completed is reported to the Client.

Projects are unique and have specific requirements developed from their brief and location. Many of DMa’s projects are in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas with designs driven by the local context of form and materials. Communication is an essential component of realising successful design and selection of players to carry out projects is emphasised as an ethos of DMa. Regular and frequent client meetings is also promoted.

Focussed on Edinburgh DMa caries out projects throughout Scotland in the Borders, Lowlands, Highlands and the Western Isles.

Donald Millar can help you with:

Architectural design

  • Architectural design

  • Construction design

  • Architectural planning

  • Structural design

  • Architect software

  • Obtaining planning consent

  • Listed building consent

  • Building warrants